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Emerald & indicator rocks EMERALD MINE
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The Manager  
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1. Introduction.

Corrie Lamprecht NAME:                Corrie Lamprecht

DATE of BIRTH:      04th December 1956

2. Life History.
After school he went on to the South African Police Force where he passed his one year training and also matric qualification in Roman Dutch Law during the same year. Due to financial restraint he could not study further.

Corrie served in the South African Police for three years during which he was assigned to various sections and duties. Amongst other he served in the uniform branch, CID and special units eg. Marine, Narcotics and VIP Guard. After the police he started working in the private sector for Toyota SA Marketing as a security officer. Within one year he was Acting chief Security Officer at the Johannesburg head office.

The then General Mine Manager of Stilfontein Gold mines offered him a position in their Uranium reduction plant. Corrie worked at Stilfontein for two years gaining lots of experience in the extraction of Gold and Uranium from the mine ore as well as recycling of the old mine dumps.

From Stilfontein he was transferred to Sasol when they started up with the Sasol 3 project in Secunda, South Africa. Here Corrie was involved in the preparations and starting up of the third Sasol plant. He was promoted from Learner Process Controller, through the ranks up to Acting Plant Manager for Cold Separations, within two years.

The lure of higher income moved him from Secunda to Springs where he worked at the Impala Platinum Refinery, gaining experience in the purification of various platinum by-products - Ruthenium, Iridium, etc. He developed an allergy towards some of the chemicals and was transferred to the Copper and Nickel refinery plant. After about a year there he decided to go on his own.

Corrie did some marketing for international companies on the National shows of South Africa for two years. During this time he travelled extensively through South Africa. He was involved in the renewing and commissioning of the Tiger Oats mill in Durban, after which he started his own Computer business in Pretoria. Corrie sold this business to his partners in 1993 and went farming in the Warmbaths District.

In 1995 Corrie decided to return to the business world and opened a new computer shop in Johannesburg, South Africa. Due to four burglaries, substantial losses incurred in two, and being the victim of check fraud, he closed the business in May 1997.

Corrie went on a tour through Europe and Southern Africa looking for new potential ventures. It was during one of his visits to Zambia that he began realizing the potential of this country. Since October 1997 he has been looking at Zambia and its potential. After numerous visits to Zambia he has established relationships with many residents and seen the vast untapped resources.

Corrie has a good basic knowledge of Gemstones as it has always been one of his hobbies. He is a member of the Pretoria-based Gem and Mineral Club, is studying Gemology through the ICSL in South Africa aiming for his international Accredited Gemologists Association acceptance.

Corrie has extensive experience in the Security field, automated and mechanical refineries, mining and chemical extraction, computer hardware and software. All his previous experiences prepared him for this project.

3. Personal View.
After travelling through Zambia a few times, I can see a vastly untapped source of extensive mineral wealth. There are quite a number of International operators at present busy investigating possible investments in Zambia.

The Zambian Government is on the fast track of privatization and uplifting of the country. Numerous investments are pouring into this southern African nation. At present the road network and railways are being upgraded. Tourism is flourishing and increasing rapidly.

With the instability developing in Zimbabwe and Rep of Congo, I can only foresee a very bright future for the gemstone industry in Zambia - especially in emeralds. Politically the present Chiluba regime is very stable and still strong in the seat. The next election in Zambia is scheduled for November 2001, until then it is time to roll. The uplifting President Chiluba is doing in Zambia took its toll initially while the population suffered when realising nothing is for free (Socialism). The situation in Zambia is rapidly changing at present where the hard worker proves prosperity to their fellow citizens.

Investment incentives, no price regulations, no forex control, low tax just make this country more attractive for development.

There are numerous countries interested in investment and development of Zambia's mining fortunes. A very important factor in our favour is: First come - first served. The other big corporations lack speed of movement, sluggish decision making and reluctancy. Already those who are active in Zambia prove excellent results - above expectations!

Diamonds are expensive. But the price is artificially controlled by De Beers in London. Diamonds occur all over the world. Diamonds are stock piled and in over supply. Reality shows that more and more people - specially from the East and Middle East - invest in the Coloured gemstones. As traditional Emerald, Ruby and other mines are slowly running out, this supply from Africa is gaining importance.

The potential of this mine is very high. Income and production are not only in Emeralds but in various other gems and minerals. Personally I believe the "by-products / side lines" will cover the running expenditures. At present the owner and family are mining by hand tools only. There are fourteen employees at work with an understandable low production. Under the soil are still unknown riches, so it is with most of the neighbouring lands.

I am not asking for much in investment for I believe this project will prove itself within a very short period of time and thereafter grow on its own. I have full faith in this venture, feel very excited about it and will make a success of it.

Of utmost importance is the time factor. We have to move fast. I am ready and will be very closely involved in this project full time. Your trust and involvement are appreciated and will be richly rewarded.


4. An Edge above the rest.

4.1 Security.
During my observations in Zambia I learned a lot from and about the local people. I observed ignorance of basic security procedures. On many of the mines I estimate a loss in excess of 50% - and that usually of the better quality product. Often the owners are not even present at operations.

Lack of good security is one of the main reasons for loss at all the present mining operations but one. The whole area is restricted and controlled to a degree, but that does not prevent theft from the workers. To prevent this loss, we will have to set our own high standard security system. My knowledge of industrial security is an advantage. I will be present most of the time, or else a trustworthy assistant.

4.2 Mining to Final Product.
We will be mining and selling our product on the open market like most other mines, but the top quality will be faceted by ourselves before being sold. I also have a personal idea of marketing the better, bigger, high quality stones at a higher price. It will be implemented soon after we have a collection that is worth a million or two.

4.3 Mining Techniques.
All the mines are at present using explosives to break the rocks. These cause the emeralds and other gems to become brittle or even break up from the shock waves. A very large proportion of the possible gemstones are lost or reduced to inferior quality.

During one of my previous employments I learned of a technique which could be adapted into this mining venture. We will rather use a fission (soft breaking technique) than explosions! This will result in more high quality and larger emeralds.

4.4 Other Diverse Income.
This is mainly a mining project, but we will also be supplementing income and development capital through the purchase of material from the street and other very small ventures.

Smuggled gemstones from Zambia are running into millions of dollars a year. This also causes a reduction in prices on the open market. Beginning with emeralds, we will corner this line of products. Due to low labour cost in Zambia, lots of the rough material can be turned into high profits from here. The jewellery and engraving prospects are also untapped.

4.5 Personal Supervision.
I will personally be present and in full control of the emerald projects.  In the other satellite ventures, I will have trustworthy managers.

4.6 Personnel.
Key personnel will initially be appointed from outside Zambia.  We have five residents permits available on the small investment option. The following suitable qualified personnel will be appointed as required:


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