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Emerald & indicator rocks EMERALD MINE
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1. Can I be sure of getting my investment back?
YES! The chances of  failure are very remote - especially if we obtain the larger investment (one million or more), where we can develop on four properties at the same time.

2. How will my investment be secured?
We will create a new Incorporated company in Zambia. All investments will be handled through this Inc. Most of the money would be used for machinery which will be registered in the new company. All machinery will be construction orientated. In the very remote chance of a failure, these could be used in construction work or rented out to other mines. I stress - this is a very remote chance.

3. Why is this emerald field not fully exploited yet?
Until about 7 years ago, nobody really believed there was a worthwhile emerald reserve. One of the main reasons was lack of funds to do explorations. The only mining was that of the local tribe - small mines and the government at Kagem - who lost about 80% in value of their stones.  Another main reason is that only during the last two years geologists discovered a new type of emerald bearing rock.  Unique to this area!

4.  If this is such a good opportunity, why hasn’t one of the large groups taken over?
During the previous regime of President Kaunda, Zambia was not considered a place to invest money. The entire emerald area was divided into smaller prospecting plots with the take over of President Chiluba.  These were up for grabs on a ten year lease plan. While the large companies had not awakened to this,  the local people registered their claims. The large corporations are not really interested in working together with the local people. Yet!

5. What are the real chances of success?
On some plots, like 5G, the possibilities are 95% for good strikes in a short time. On the other three plots I have, the chances are in excess of 80%. All in all, working on three or more plots simultaneously, a good emerald strike in a short time will be imminent.

6. What is the time frame before the first emerald strike?
With the small investment, I stated nine months, but really expect a good strike within three months from commissioning. With the large investment, this may even be reduced to one month.

7. How much will I get back from this investment?
Given the worst scenario - should everything go wrong, no emeralds found, no further work done, machinery sold, etc. you will get at least 75% of your investment back. However, this is highly unlikely.
Should the plan be reasonably successful, you can expect more than ten times your investment within the next two years.

8. Africa is a risk. How safe will my investment be?
The present Chiluba regime will be in the chair until 2001. With the development and uplifting taking place at present in Zambia and the last election results, it is very likely that the same government will be in control until late in the 2000's. Besides, within the next three years the investor would have made a very good profit.

9. How can I be sure my money would not ‘fade away’?
I will personally be there to run the operation. You can keep control of the finances and approve all purchases and expenses should you wish to do so.  Every dollar will be accounted for.

10. How long before mining commences?
I am ready, the plans are ready, the personnel are ready. From the day the investment is available - one month. Machinery has to be imported, probably from South Africa. Purchase and transport to Zambia, arrangements for diesel tanks etc. will take three to four weeks. We will start clearing within the first week.

11. What will happen to my investment if something happens to you?
As soon as I start, I will appoint a trustworthy assistant. This person will have full capabilities to take resume my duties during my absence.

12. What is expected from me?
Solely the financial investment.

13. What if I want to be more involved?
You are welcome!

14. What are the chances of more money required at a later stage?
Very remote. The manner in which I want to run this whole operation, our satellite ventures will be able to supply ample funds for the running costs of the mine(s).

15. The emerald production - can I get some for myself?
Sure, you are able to purchase at the market value whatever you want. As a matter of fact, should you be interested, you do have the first select on production. As a souvenir, you will receive a good mounted crystal from our first good strike.

16.  Why is the investment you require so small in comparison to other planned mining operations?
My project will make extensive use of satellite ventures to generate more running capital.

17.  Are you not afraid someone might by-pass you and invest directly?
Sure, it may happen, butAfrica is not an easy place to work in.  A person without knowledge of African ways will certainly have serious losses.  The best plots have all been reserved.  Besides, Zambia is not a desirable place to live in and for this project one would need to be there all the time.

18.  With so many ventures in one, how would you be able to control them all?
My main priority will be the emerald mine, therefore I would spend most of my time there.  The other ventures will be managed by trustworthy personnel.

19.  Why doesn't the neighbouring mines develop the whole area?
"I can only eat three meals a day, sleep in one bed at night and drive one car at a time"
"I have plenty, why should I work more",  "I have enough work, why should I do more?"
"If we get too much emeralds, the price will drop down and we will have to work more for the same money" - These are the typical answers I got when asking the same questions.

20.  Africa's emeralds are not as highly regarded as emeralds from Columbia.  Why do you differ?
Until recent emeralds from Zambia were quite superficial, but since Piralla mine went deep in 1987 - more than 40 metres, much higher qulity emeralds were found - in colour, form, size and clarity.  From what I have seen America is in for a surprise. At present the main market for African Emeralds are the Far & Middle East.

21.  Why don't you get the investment from South Africa?
South African people are limited by the foreign exchange laws to an investment of US$77,000 in foreign countries, and a yearly travel allowance of US$15,000. The people of South Africa with that kind of money has mostly invested in outside the country already.

What is the next step?
Call or e-mail me. Once we have reached a verbal agreement, I will fly out for a personal meeting. From there on it will be hard work and little sleep for me.


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