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Emerald & indicator rocks EMERALD MINE
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GEMSTONES:  Natural wealth of the world.

International Colored Gemstone Association:
  *  Home page & general Information  General information on gemstones.

  *  Emerald - Gem of Eternal Spring  History and general information about emeralds
  *  Other links for Gemstones  Gemstone links

Africa Gems Beautiful site about gems from Africa, mining, trade, etc.

I.E.S. Israel & Emeralds - Where all the best stones from Africa is treated!

Ganoksin The gemstone world's free and foremost information resource and link site.

Gemstones from Thailand  General information also the main site for KOSSACK emeralds.

Gemstones of Zambia   General information and table of Zambian gemstones.

Emerald Danger in Columbia  Asia on line - Trading with emeralds in Columbia is a hazard.

Emerald - Gemstone Forecaster  Prime net's forecast about the future of  emeralds.

House of Onyx - Lots of info about lots of gemstones.

Canadian Institute of Gemmology - More of info about gemstones

ZAMBIA : Country of opportunities and Real African Safaris.

Zambian Investment Opportunities  The investment centre of Zambia

Zambia Home Page (Zamnet)   General information of Zambia

Zambia Tourist Guide and General Info  African tourism information - Zambia

Mbendi, African mining industry news

The Zambian Investment Act of 1993

Business in Zambia - Lots of general information


Some info about South African's problems with investments and oportunities in Africa

Zambia Business general reference and links.


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