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Emerald & indicator rocks LAPIDARY  INVESTMENT
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1. Can I be sure of getting my investment back?
YES! The chances of  failure are very remote as all machines will be of value on their own. The average faceting machine with one head is selling in the USA for around $1,400. Our cost is less than $800 per machine and with two heads on each! The USA value machines alone in our basic factory is estimated at around $32,000.

2. How will my investment be secured?
We will create a new Incorporated Company in the applicable country with 50% shares each for the investor and developer.

3.  If this is such a good opportunity, why hasn’t one of the large groups taken over?
The biggest advantage of my project is the fact that I am manufacturing my own highly accurate machines, some of which are semi-automated and the security measures to be implemented.

4. What are the real chances of success?
100% Very low risk, high profit. Please remember my purchase prices are inflated and selling prices greatly reduced. In reality I expect more than double the stated profits.

5. What is the time frame before the first production?
Two months before production. This is the time needed to manufacture the equipment and training of personnel. Full production should be reached in four months.

6. How much will I get back from this investment?
You can certainly expect more than 100% of your investment every year.

7. Africa is a risk. How safe will my investment be?
You will have your initial investment (with interest) returned within one year and good profit every month thereafter.

8. How can I be sure my money would not ‘fade away’?
I will personally be there to run the operation. You can keep control of the finances and approve all purchases and expenses should you wish to do so.  Every dollar will be accounted for.

9. What will happen to my investment if something happens to you?
Every factory will have a trained management team who can operate independently.

10. What is expected from me?
Solely the financial investment.

11. What if I want to be more involved?
You are welcome!

12. What are the chances of more money required at a later stage?
None, except maybe if we want to expand very soon.

13. The gemstone production - can I get some for myself?
Sure, you are able to purchase at the market value whatever you desire. As a matter of fact, should you be interested, you do have the first select on production. As a souvenir, you will receive a 'thank you' gem every year.

14.  Why is the investment you require so small in comparison to other operations?
My project will make extensive use of own manufactured and designed machines.

15.  Are you not afraid someone might by-pass you and invest directly?
They are welcome, but my strength is in the machinery and security set-up.

16.  With so many ventures in one, how would you be able to control them all?
With a well trained participating management team.

17.  Why don't you get the investment from South Africa?
South African people are limited by the foreign exchange laws to an investment of US$77,000 in foreign countries, and a yearly travel allowance of US$15,000. The people of South Africa with that kind of money have mostly invested  outside the country already.

18. How can your production cost be so low?
I am making use of a mass production principle, but with high quality workmanship. My machines are designed in such a way that they do not need an operator all the time. They are semi-automated, precise and one person can supervise about 12 gems being cut at the same time! I have combined ideas from the USA, Israeli and Indian machines with knowledge I have learned in other fields. Besides, the labour in Africa is quite cheap compared to most other countries.

19. Are you not afraid of flooding the market with your gemstones?
Not a chance! They are produced anyway, but cut in other countries. One factory I visited in India cut and polish  more than a million Tanzanite gemstones per year!   Another is finishing an average of 40,000 emeralds every month - mostly from Africa!

20. What is the long term potential?
My dream ideal is to see Africa obtaining its dues from its own mineral wealth. We can treat our own gemstones, excluding diamonds, still earning Africa a few billion extra dollars per year.

What is the next step?
Call or e-mail me. Once we have reached a verbal agreement, I will fly out for a personal meeting. From there on it will be hard work and little sleep for me.


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